"But for Rae this year is all about the comeback. “I had to dust myself off, pick myself up and channel all of the hardship into my music,” she said."


People often ask how country music could possibly come out of Seattle. But Rae Solomon comes by it honestly, having grown up on a farm about 45 minutes outside of the city. The former rodeo queen was a singer/songwriter from the time she could talk but got her start interning for country radio station KMPS, while earning a Masters Degree in Music Business from the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

After touring the West Coast for several years, she was gaining die hard fans and being industry recognized for her incredible stage presence while opening for artists like Blake Shelton, Granger Smith, Dan + Shay and more. In 2013 she decided it was time to chase her dreams in Nashville, the home of country music.

Shortly after arriving in Music City Rae had her first taste of success when she signed a record deal, shortly followed by the signing of a publishing deal for her songwriting. But it didn’t take long before she found that the neon dream doesn’t always shine so bright; when she exited her label deal less than 6 months later.

“My music now reflects emotions that are much deeper than anything I’ve done before. The songs I wrote for this project came out of a year filled with heart break. A lost record deal, a messy break-up and being left homeless gives you a lot of things to write about. I still have my fun songs, because no matter what you go through, life still has its beautiful pieces but I had to give myself permission to be vulnerable,” said Solomon.

But for Rae this year is all about the comeback. “I had to dust myself off, pick myself up and channel all of the hardship into my music,” she said.

With long-time friend David Huff at the production helm she went back into the studio to record a 5 song EP. She waited 6 months to release the first single “Love Is Stupid”, a mid-tempo tongue and cheek ballad about having your heartbroken but still believing in love; which can be found on iTunes, Amazon and streaming services like Spotify and iHeart.

The right time for the release of “Love Is Stupid” came on the heels of announcing the launch of an all-female music festival called Zenitheve, set to tour the country in the fall of 2018.

“The fans may not be aware but everyone in the industry knows the discrimination and battles we face as women in country music. It’s openly talked about and accepted as ‘the way things are’. But I didn’t want to accept that my music and the music of the talented women I know was nothing more than a novelty which would probably never be heard. I wanted to do something to change it! And the best way I know how to do that is to tour,” she said. 

The release of her single, the upcoming release of her EP and a national tour will make for an exciting year for Rae Solomon, making for a comeback story that you don’t want to miss!